“A World of Anything.”

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At Ryoshiverse, our vision is to provide the tools for creators and developers to enable building the “World of Anything”. Giving this power to the people gives way for undiscovered worlds that we have yet to imagine. People are this world’s greatest asset, more than any tools that could be used. Nothing will ever replace the human mind, and the creativity borne within it, and here at Ryoshiverse we want to make sure that people always have the opportunity to build only limited by the scope of their own imagination.

We’ve seen many fictional worlds brought to life, and technological advancements have enabled us to explore them in new and exciting ways. However, we believe that the next step in this evolution is to bring these worlds together and create a metaverse where people can seamlessly travel from one world to another, and where these worlds are interconnected in a way that allows for unparalleled creativity and innovation.

New Direction, Expanded Team

As we move forward, our focus is on continuing to empower creators to build their wildest dreams in a metaverse. Our next steps involve working through processes to begin opening up the world of Shibaverse to users and eventually place the development process in the hands of creators. Additionally, we understand the importance of accessibility for our users, therefore we will be working on integrating Shibaverse with:

· DEX and CEX capabilities making it easier for users to enter and exit the metaverse using their preferred method of payment

· In game payment options

· NFT swaps to encourage bartering transactions

It’s important to consider the needs of users and the payment options that they are most comfortable with when designing payment infrastructure. A truly interoperable metaverse also includes interoperability within payment systems without sacrificing an open-source structure.

With this new direction, we will be rebranding Shibaverse to a more widely accepted and adoptable brand and working towards providing a beta environment ready for use. This will give creators and users a chance to explore a portion of what the experience could look like and provide an avenue for users to give valuable feedback to improve our product further. We believe that by fostering a collaborative and innovative community, we can create a metaverse that truly reflects the imaginations of its users.

As part of our vision and direction, we also plan to expand the metaverse team to include talented individuals with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. We recognize that building a metaverse requires a multidisciplinary approach, and we aim to create a team that reflects this.

In the coming months, we will be seeking to fill positions in the following areas:

· Blockchain development: Adding skilled developers with experience in blockchain technology to help build and maintain the core infrastructure of the metaverse.

· Game development: We are looking for individuals with experience in game design and development to help bring the metaverse to life. This includes creating interactive experiences, developing non-playable characters, and designing gameplay mechanics.

· 3D modeling and animation: We will seek skilled artists who can join our existing metaverse team, looking for individuals skilled in building environments, characters, and assets.

· Community management: We are looking for individuals who can help build and manage a vibrant and engaged community around the metaverse. This includes managing social activity, organizing events, and responding to user feedback.

We believe that a talented and diverse team is essential to building a metaverse that reflects the creativity and diversity of its users. We are excited to bring on new team members who share our vision and passion and to give the metaverse experience its own independent identity where it can thrive on the Ryoshiverse framework.

Powerful technology that gives powerful tools for creators

This foundation will be built on a Layer 1 blockchain built and provided by Ryoshiverse, this is necessary to provide the security and infrastructure needed for a truly open-source platform. We will create a network of interoperable metaverse servers that will allow users to transfer their assets, including NFTs, between different worlds. Our goal is to enable a seamless experience where users can explore and create in multiple worlds without the need to constantly switch between platforms or undergo complex conversion processes.

What would a “World of Anything” look like?

As we progress in our Metaverse, another feature we will look to implement will be a “Creators Box”, a suite of development tools that will enable creators to build their own unique worlds from scratch. The Creators Box will offer a range of tools found in many non-metaverse game engines, including a drag-and-drop world builder, scripting tools for customizing interactions and behaviors, and a library of pre-built assets to help bring their creations to life while also integration blockchain tools for creators to bring their projects to life. All of this should be able to be achieved by creators at any level out the need for extensive coding knowledge. In addition, we will look to attract the best creative minds and always work to highlight the best that is created in the metaverse.

The approach we will take with development will be iterative, with constant feedback and input from the community. We believe that a collaborative approach is essential to creating a platform that truly meets the needs and desires of its users. We will focus on creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as providing the tools and resources needed for creators to build their audience, bring their creativity to life, and monetize their content.

Join us

We believe that the potential for the metaverse is limitless. It is a space where people can explore, create, and interact in ways that were previously impossible. World building takes time, and large developments are never easy, nonetheless as we enter into the next age of digital creativity, we are excited to be at the forefront of this new era, and we invite you to build with us on this journey.

About the project:

Ryoshiverse is a platform ecosystem building a web3 framework aimed at providing scalable, low cost, fast web3 solutions. The network will run on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism called IOM (Internet of the Metaverse), which aims to offer scalability and stable fees for developers and the next generation of the internet, the Metaverse.

$VIZ is the native utility token that is used for:

Fees for processing transactions

Used for protocol consensus votes

$VERSE will be the gas token on the upcoming blockchain.

In addition to serving as a currency within the Ryoshiverse ecosystem, $VIZ will be utilized to govern through decentralized decision-making processes. Token holders will be able to vote on proposals, influencing the direction and development of the Ryoshiverse ecosystem.

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